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Shortly after photography was invented in the 19th century, began the people, not only to photograph themselves but also animals.
At first, the house, wild and zoological animals were still photographed with the help of the camera obscura or photographic plates.
Later, animal photographers used black-and-white and color films as well as hand-held cameras.
These methods have, however, almost completely disappeared today, and have been replaced by modern digital photography.
This makes it possible for amateur and amateur filmmakers to capture animal images in brilliant quality.

Even if your Wildlife pictures do not have the genius of a National Geographic series,
we would like to invite you to show them on our homepage.

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Sweet alpaca

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Albino alligator

Found in alligator animal pictures

Bees on flowers

Found in bee animal pictures

Bison the american buffalo

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Chimpanzee mother and baby

Found in chimpanzee animal pictures

Dolphin show

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Asian elephant

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Masai giraffe

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Huge male gorilla

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Found in hippopotamus animal pictures

Wild horse

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Jaguar baby

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Wallaroo a kangaroo species

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Huge komodo dragon

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Found in kookabura animal pictures

White zoo lion

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